Katerina Bohac Artist Statement – Exhibition Latin American Art – Roots

Listen to your Heart.

My country, Venezuela has suffered an impressive migratory crisis in recent years, entire families have left the country with hope and in search of a better life, each one has had a different experience, by plane or by land, the most radical have crossed the river. They have also had to manage abroad, in countries with different cultures, languages, beliefs, and life systems. Starting a new life in another country is not easy, each one of us has faced different adversities, learning a new language, understanding customs, and schedules, starting to meet people, and gaining confidence, you must have a lot of courage, personality and always give the best.

My intention is for us to listen to our hearts, to our ancestors, to remind ourselves of where we come from, not to forget our country, and that one day like we all think we can return to our land, to our roots. To our love for our countries. My artworks are made by earth, I am a ceramist, and every day I connect with nature through my work, in nature, I found peace and connection.

I would like you to write me about your process as a migrant human being, by following the QR Code or sending it to my mail: katybohac@gmail.com I would be happy to receive your letter, I would keep it and show it as part of my ceramic installation.

Exhibiton Women of the world
Bloor and islington place
5 april - 3 May 2023

I am happy to invite you to the exhibition Women of the World organized by Helloart Canada at the pop up gallery at Bloor and Islington place. Subway Islington. The exhibition will be held from April 4th. until May 5th.

I will be have an artist talk on 19 th of April from 17:00 to 19:00 .

Looking forward to seeing you there. 


This new Collection is made with red clay fired at cone 6
From Prague to Toronto - Canada


Katerina studied Visual Arts with a ceramic specialty in Venezuela, at the University of the Andes, in Merida, and at the Instituto Armando Reveron, in Caracas. She considers herself a world citizen, having lived in South America, Europe, Asia, and North America. She has participated in many exhibitions in Venezuela, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and in Toronto.

She does ceramics, paintings, and installations. Yet ceramics allows her to express her ideas in three-dimensions, relief and with colour experimentation. Although she loves painting, she feels more realized with ceramics, an ancient technique, which requires a great understanding of earthly materials along with the application of ancient knowledge, allowing her to investigate forms and surfaces. Studies of glaze development and application were one of her favourites.

She gets inspirations from her surroundings. In Venezuela she painted tropical fauna and flora and magical figuration. In the Czech Republic she got inspired by city towers and architecture. She has been working on figuration for many years, being her last paintings inspired by women of the world, a series of several artworks that highlight the strength and value of earthly experience.

Her most recent development her Toronto studio is a series of cubist vases, and figurative ceramic sculptures.


Katerina Bohac